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"Such, sweet and inspirational music that pulls at the heartstrings of your soul". 

- GEM Awards

Born March 21, 1994 in Wolverhampton, England. Vocalist, Jeharna South was drawn to music as a young child. She recalls amusingly that her first request to sing was at age 3, in her local church, where she sang with great gusto “I Met Jesus at the Crossroads”. The church is known for vibrant singing and thus providing Jeharna with a varied and inspirational outlook on music and making a marked impression on her ministry.

At the age of 9 she began travelling extensively around the United Kingdom sharing her music and love for Jesus. By age 11 she auditioned for and was awarded a scholarship at Birmingham University Junior Conservatoire, where she is currently studying classical singing, music theory and piano.

In 2005 she entered and won a singing competition sponsored by the Children’s Royal Variety Club of Great Britain, winning her family a trip to Paris. Also in the same year, Jeharna was invited to sing at the GEM (Gospel Entertainment Music) Awards. In addition to this she had also been invited to sing for the 'Nelson Mandela Tribute' held at the House of Commons, they were so impressed by this young gospel vocalist that they invited her back. This gave her the opportunity to meet Dame Betty Boothroyd, and other renowned politicians.

Her music ministry inspires Jeharna. She loves sharing with people and in May 2009 she was invited to 3ABN ( 3 Angels Broadcasting Network) an International Christian TV Station in the USA, to record for their 'Kids Time' program. Jeharna and others recently accompanied International singer Neville Peters at the Seventh-day Adventist UK camp meeting, which was also attended by International speakers Pastors Jeff Youlden, Randy Skeet and David Assherick, to name but a few.

In 2009 Jeharna auditioned for the prestigious National Youth Choir of Great Britain. They were so impressed with her vocals and musicianship, that she was selected to join the main choir, despite being below the minimum age for joining (16). She is also a member of CBSYC (City of Birmingham Symphony Youth Chorus) and Ex-cathedra two other renowned choirs in Great Britain. These choirs have led to Jeharna participating in recordings for Karl Jenkins (which reached #2 in the Classical charts) and BBC Radio 3. She has also performed some of Howard Goodall's recent works at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.

 Also in 2009, Jeharna she was invited to support the excellent R & B singer Beverly Knight. She was also asked to support the renewed USA evangelist Pastor Doug Bachelor, when he came to in December 2009. This was also recorded live by 3ABN. Jeharna has also worked for the BBC and ITV two of the main broadcasting stations in the United Kingdom. She has also supported Aled Jones and Alfie Bow  to name but a few, through her choirs. She was also praised for her talent, by David and Cary Grant (Fame Academy and David and Cary's 'Pop Shop'), Which led to David saying that 'she was a 21 year old midget' as her voice and performance were beyond her years, she was 11 at the time. ( YouTube Jeharna for the recorded version).

 June/July 2010 was a very exciting time for Jeharna.  She was invited specially to sing at the GWCC (Georgia World Congress Centre)  and Dome in Atlanta USA. This all expenses paid invitation was extended in 2008. As the preparations were two years in the planning. This led to another International Christian broadcasting Station 'The Hope Channel', asking her to sing live on their 'Special Music' programme. She was loved by all who heard her.

It has also been described as the 'New Wave in Gospel music, New, innovative and pure genius'. Brian Allen (Record Producer)

 She has built up a large following of all age ranges (especially of young Christians) who thoroughly enjoy her music and support her at home and when she travels internationally. she has currently completed her debut  EP and has a DVD recorded at 3ABN. This was an exciting venture for her. She is now in the process of recording her Debut Album, and hopes that through her recordings, many more people will be blessed and brought close to Jesus her Saviour the Prince of Peace.

Jeharna in her spare time enjoys cooking, reading, cross-stitching, netball, playing with her siblings and learning to play the piano, violin and guitar. She is also the Praise Team Leader in her local church. In addition to these activities, she helps her elderly neighbours with various tasks and is also an enthusiastic member of her local church Pathfinder club.

Appeared on:

 Premier Radio, Radio BBC Radio WM Nikki Tapper Show, Cross Rhythms – Mike Rimmer, EP launch 26th March 2011, invited to Belgrade Sebia in April 2011, Supported International Gospel Artist Rudy Michelli Birimingham June 2011, SDA UK Camp Meeting June 2011

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